How can ProTrainUp help your Academy?

Take matters into your own hands, monitor and support the work of your trainers and players!

Automated club fees payment

Thanks to the integration of ProTrainUp with the quick payment system - DotPay, the club gains an excellent tool that will significantly facilitate the accounting work in the academy. By logging in to your account, the parent will have access to the balance of contributions. From this place, he will be able to pay overdue contributions or pay forwards.

Parent after choosing the option - pay, will be redirected to the bank`s choice page. After logging in to your bank account, he will be able to make a transfer with a single click, whose data will be automatically completed. If the payment is made through the ProTrainUp via DotPay system, in the contribution module, the contributions will be automatically marked as paid.

Download for iOS
Download for iOS

Build your own exercise base and create a training model

Thanks to the extended module of the exercise database, you will be able to build a folder structure and exercises, adapted to your academy`s needs.

Mechanisms of mutual sharing of exercises within one club will allow you to better use the potential that lies in your trainers!

Public base

Access and contact with the team from anywhere on anytime

The mobile version of the website and mobile applications give you, players and parents in your Academy, opportunity to track the most important information about players, communicate and share materials

Thanks to ProTrainUp, you will quickly inform about the new training, calling for a match or missing payment.

Download for iOS
Download for iOS

Manage the academy using one system

Thanks to the possibilities offered by ProTrainUp you are able to manage human resources, control contributions, build a base of exercises or check attendance at trainings with a few clicks!

At the same time, people working in the club, such as an accountant, physiotherapist, scout or motor preparation instructor can also get access to the system.

Adjust the system to your needs

ProTrainUp is a modular tool, so we can prepare it for the needs of any academy.

Order a dedicated system, adapted to the size, development stage and needs of your Club.

I am delighted that our team can prepare dedicated modules configuration of our system for ProTrainUp customers!

Tomasz Cybulski, ProTrainUp Co-Founder, CSO

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Data protection

Compliance with technological and legal requirements of the GDPR

The ProTrainUp system has been successfully audited to meet the legal and technological requirements of the GDPR. All regulations, agreements and procedures have been positively evaluated by auditors. Thanks to the highest safety standards for 5 years, we provide our clients with secure storage of data on players, coaches and parents.

In addition to secure programming solutions, we have also focused on the most advanced server solutions, which in the case of ProTrainUp significantly improves the safety of stored data.

Where is your data stored?

ProTrainUp puts on the best, so data from the system ProTrainUp are stored in one of the largest data centres in Central Europe.

Cluster 3s Data Center with more than 4000 m2, 6 objects 3 in Katowice, one Krakow, Bytom and Warsaw, monitoring, alarming, controlling, archiving and regulation using the SCADA automation system, own fibre-optic network with a length of over 3,500 km, standard TIER 3 / III facilities in all buildings, SLA at the level of up to 99.999%, 24-hour monitoring 24 /7/365.

The services of the 3s company are also used by: banks, mobile networks, the largest players in the medical industry, and even the Police.

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